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On Oct. 8, 2019, some photos and video I took while covering a rally at the Supreme Court were featured on a news segment in Tuscon, Arizona. The news studio was KGUN 9, a subsidiary of ABC. I was also consulted for the segment and provided information about the rally, including times people began to regroup and the different activist groups present. You can find the article corresponding to the video           . 

Fall, 2019

Washington DC

Fall, 2018

American University

The above video was my final project for my Visual Literacy class at American University. My group worked closely with our client, Seabury Resources for Aging, in DC and filmed on-site this informational video about Seabury's mission. 

Spring, 2017

Morristown NJ

The above video was my year long capstone project for my Humanities Academy at Morristown High School. It was displayed as an art installation at the College of Saint Elizabeth on a loop. 

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